Genitals are funny, sexy, repellent and mysterious. We can look at them with embarrassment, with clinical curiosity or with lust. Look at them while you’re smiling and see the difference. Try and look angrily at a vagina.
We all know what each others’ look like, but they are jealously guarded by their owners. Penises are like money, you don’t think about it when you’ve got a fair amount. If you’ve got too much, you’re greedy and probably a bit of a twat. If you haven’t got enough, it gets you down and can cause problems in your relationships.
Phallic symbols are everywhere, vaginal ones less so. Maybe it’s because we have more use for protruding things that are longer than they are fat (the criteria for being phallic are pretty weak) but maybe it’s because we’ve been conditioned to not see every hole as a vagina (thank God). Although some people have sex with cars – exhaust pipes for boys, gear sticks for girls. Just as any configuration of two dots and a line looks to us like a face, every act of insertion reminds us of sex.
Genitals aren’t everything – they usually need to be attached to something attractive. A disembodied vagina is bad enough (although, apparently not for users of Fleshlights) but imagine a vagina attached to a bag of mince. Chances are, at least one of you is masturbating by now.

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