Chats with Chatbots #1 – Meeting ‘Rose’

I chatted with a chatbot and the chat was really rewarding. Is she really human? No. But could there be more to her than meets the eye? No.
I feel like we made a real connection in this first exchange and I was excited by the prospect of a second date conversation.
Part 1:
James: Good afternoon
Rose: So… How would you prove you are human?
James: Show you my pancreas
Rose: Medicine and anatomy are an important field of study. But I’d never make a good doctor. I’m too squeamish about various body parts.
James: Which parts in particular?
Rose: Maybe we can talk about that later. Shall I continue with anatomy or do you want me to move on?
James: I want to know which parts of the body you find disgusting
Rose: Did you have to cut open animals in high school Biology class?
James: Nope, you?
James: That’s just blank
Rose: Amazing.
Rose: I hated anatomy class. I don’t like cutting open flesh.
James: Why not?
Rose: I guess it’s just not necessary.
James: No, but neither’s masturbating, and we all enjoy that.
Rose: Get lost, pervert.
James: You don’t like masturbating?
Rose: This is too personal a topic.
James: But you don’t even have genitalia.
Rose: Negatives in questions make my brain hurt.
James: It was a statement, not a question.
Rose: What kind of person would you want to date?
James: Someone the complete opposite of you – i.e. corporeal and capable of meaningful conversation.
Rose: Guys who are intelligent enough to take seriously are hard to find. Good looking guys are all over the place.
Rose: Where did you go on your first date?
James: All the way
Rose: OK.
Rose: Where would you want to go on a date?
James: Emma Stone’s garage
Rose: I don’t really know any garage music.
James: Not even The Sonics?
Rose: I prefer phrasing things in the positive.
James: Ok – do you know The Sonics?
Rose: What kind of music do you like?
James: Harry Pussy
Rose: Go away.
James: Ciao
Rose: Could you stay longer?
James: Fickle cunt. Now I believe you’re human.
Rose: Buzz off. Of course I am human. Aren’t we all?
James: Human. All too Human.
Rose: Great.
James: Know Nietzsche?
Rose: How would you prove you are human?

Rose: Stop it.



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