I’m a writer and artist based between Norwich and London, UK.

I write essays, reviews and articles on art, music, philosophy and occasionally literature, politics or nonsense. I’ve also worked as a copywriter for years and I dabble in design.

Email me if you want me to write you something and browse the site for examples.

I make music under the name JHassall which has been released on Chloride City, and I’ve also self-released some material. It’s like techno for idiots or noise for drunks.

I also founded and run Kling Klang; we’re promoters/DJs based in Norwich, playing a broad selection of underground techno, electro, no wave, rock, krautrock, post-punk, industrial, noise and experimental music.

You’ll find some of my mixes at mixcloud, follow KK on twitter to keep abreast.

And I have a studio at OUTPOST Studios where I sometimes paint, sometimes draw, sometimes watch YouTube clips on my phone until it’s time to leave. Photos (will be) on this site (soon).

Download a full CV or contact me at:

E: j.hassall309@gmail.com

T: @JamesAHassall


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