Kling Klang

KK Generic Cover

Kling Klang is a club night, a group of DJs and a gig promoter.

I established Kling Klang as an occasional club night in 2014 and it has since grown to become a fixture in Norwich, filling a huge gap in adventurous, contemporary music events in the city. We still host regular club nights, as well as ad hoc DJ sets, gigs and collaborative events with other promoters and record labels.

It’s a daring project, bringing experimental, abrasive and left field music to a saturated club scene.

I produce most of the design and copy for our digital and print collateral, as well as orchestrating the organisation, marketing and promotion of events. Browse the gallery below to see a selection of Kling Klang designs.

The project has allowed me to exercise complete creative freedom in terms of design and tone of voice, with the ‘tongue’ motif becoming a crucial part of the aesthetic.

The branding utilises a DIY style with a streak of absurdist humour. The tongue is apt as a sensual, bodily muscle that becomes confrontational and disconcerting when disembodied and its rich pink colour has also become a key component of the palette. I have gradually honed the design over time to a minimalist white, black, pink and yellow palette acting as a backdrop to creative typography and simple line work.

The branding is crucial to our appeal as it can be difficult to communicate the ethos and aesthetic of the music we play to an uninitiated audience. Our digital presence is now well established and the effectiveness of our branding can be seen in the steady growth of an online audience and strong engagement with our communications.

For more information, follow Kling Klang on Twitter, like us on Facebook or come to our next event.

KK Generic Flyer22


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