UEA Portfolio

I started working for UEA in 2014 is a Marketing Officer. Much of my role involves design, digital advertising, copywriting, video production and other creative work.

The University undertook a major rebrand with Wolff Olins and I was tasked with rolling out the new brand across all platforms for the Faculty of Science. UEA wanted to stand out from other universities and take inspiration from demographically relevant brands like ASOS and Vice, while remaining credible and authoritative as a leading UK university.


The focus of our 2015/16 pre-applicant campaign was digital advertising based around the University’s research. Working for the Science Faculty, I was tasked with producing creative that could translate complex research stories into compelling ‘headlines’ using playful typography.


The core UEA audience is largely based online but does extend to influencers who still engage regularly with traditional channels. I designed adverts for newspapers and magazines and also contributed designs and copy for School brochures, prospectuses and other print media.


The University’s Open Days are crucial recruitment events that become the centre of much marketing activity for a good portion of the year. I produced a lot of the signage, collateral and exhibition hardware to promote and improve these events.


I also scripted, filmed and edited some short videos to promote research stories and science activities at UEA Open Days. The Open Day video in particular garnered an excellent response and was used in a highly successful online advertising campaign.


I have delivered vast amounts of copywriting during my time at UEA, adapting the University’s tone of voice to suit undergraduate webpages, postgraduate brochures, academic recruitment materials and research summaries. Audiences range from school leavers to parents, academics and journalists so a versatile writing style is essential.

I have written informative copy for a large portion of the Science Faculty’s webpages, as well as pithy copy for advertising campaigns and longform copy for research case studies. Feel free to contact me for examples.


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