Vrubel's Demon

All That is Solid…

This unpublished article, written in 2011, investigates the relationship between art and technology at the outset of two analogous paradigm shifts; the Industrial Revolution and the dawn of the Digital Age. Resting on the theories outlined in Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism, I highlight the intangibility and elusiveness of contemporary capitalist ideology in contrast to the imposing physical reality of Industrial technology. The latter inspired a whole generation of artists, architects and thinkers to interpret and contextualise the paradigm through Vorticism, Futurism, Brutalism and other avant-garde movements. In this article I ask what the digital native is to do in response to their uncertain circumstances.

Kosuth, Here is an Example

Kosuth and Wittgenstein vs Reinhardt and Plato

Is art aesthetic or conceptual? This short article looks at the difference between Reinhardt’s aestheticism and Kosuth’s conceptualism as a parallel to Plato and Wittgenstein’s opposing views of meaning.

David and Goliath

On the Underdog: How the Faroe Islands Toppled Greece

This article was published by Glory magazine, in their issue dedicated to the football culture of the Faroe Islands. Taking the famed Faroese victory over Greece in 2014 as its foundation, the article explores the phenomenon of ‘the underdog’ through David and Goliath, leftist politics and existentialist literature.